Here is my take on what Bernard de Montréal is saying
in “Beyond the Mind”

Our personal experience is contained within an highly integrated and populated astral/material continuum. We are fascinated and fulfilled by the focus of this domain. Experience in the continuum is convoluted in that each path folds back toward the middle. The consciousness of individuals and the masses both dead and alive influence our personality toward a perfection relative to this closed system experience. Unknown to our personality, the astral/material continuum does not power itself. Our creative and animating energy has a source that is outside. This energy powers the continuum through the inhabitants. As the energy enters this domain it is highly filtered for resonance to issues that are relevant to the perfection of the personality experience within.

Is there a route that takes you outside the almost infinite probabilities provided by the astral/material continuum. A place where the continuum can not provide a complete illusion and you enter unfamiliar territory? I am aware that there are experiences and perhaps some practices that deliberately or by serendipity enter taboo territory to an extent that the personality is disenfranchised and de-nourished by the astral/material continuum. The personality then has a tenuous hold on the definition of reality. When this occurs the ineffective nature of the personality interface to astral/material continuum allows a slide of location of the center of consciousness to a non-personal or pre-personal location. This location of consciousness is capable and cognizant in domains that see the astral/material continuum as part of a larger set of reality.

Because such a location of consciousness is pre-personal, translation and transmission of the nature of this viewpoint to people who only relate in the subjective personal astral/material continuum is difficult and mostly impossible.

Bernard’s view is that the return to the dominance of a pre-personal location of consciousness is the future. This change, he terms fusion.

My view is that there are many occurrences of people experiencing this change in view point and a very few that attempt to provide effective guidance to others that are on the verge of such a change. Because of the very different base that Bernard speaks from you must absorb slowly and check your reactions to obtain benefit. This can not be a fast read because there are no personal emotional hooks. This is an explorer’s book not a seeker’s or believer’s.

Just my “personal subjective” opinion.

— Bob Swezey, California