Thought Form Strings and Language

Language is a local reflection of thought form strings. Each word, in itself, is an encapsulated collection of thoughts that form a recurring concept held in common with the interest group who use it.

Differences between languages are caused by the limitations set on thoughts by groups. Each group uses precedent to structure thoughts into sounds and each group is prejudiced as to how one may think a thought and remain in the group. There are continuous struggles between innovation in spoken words to express nuances and a similar strong impetus to maintain a standard that defines the group and reflects the groups identity.

As the individual's world expands to include the identity of tribe, region, nation the necessity of common compatible thoughts and concepts reflected in a limited version of language becomes increasingly desirable.

Thought form strings and their language reflections mean that individuals from different groups do not access the same experience or same events due to a different grouping of prejudiced perception. Even within the same language group, experiences are not equal, but they are more equal than between individuals of separate groups.

Thought form strings are above all, local. An individual tries to fit into the group by accepting programming. Learn this and learn that and you will be a successful whatever. Individuals that operate outside of the group's accepted thought forms and reflected material world demonstrations will not be successful in propagation or perhaps even survival.

Thought form strings are not invented by the individual, they are perceived or perhaps more accurately received. You may say that thought form strings create the environment and the physical and psychic human expression. If this is the case then thoughts and the multidimensional expressions of thoughts and existence are something human beings are participant in. This means that thought is not dependent on humans. Humans participate within an environment of multi layered thought structures and humans specialize in their relevant structures for propagation and evolution.

If, as I say, humans do not create thought but instead participate in thought structures relevant to their progression, what does this mean for you and me? It means that we do not create thought. We are conscious beings that cruise though the seas of thoughts interacting with this area and that taking what we need to bring meaning to our existence. We are purposefully limited in our perception in order to make logical and time ordered sense of our interactions with omnipresent thought forms that crowd every area of reality. You are an actor within an environment that could sustain any string of experiences. The string is caused by the concept of time and the limitations of perception expressed in the material world. We, in the human physical form, have a set of constraints that require time as a given. This is an organizational construct and is inherent to the heartbeat and synapse relay that supports the body. When one perceives a non time revelation the body is for that moment not involved.

If thought form strings are the base for language and if thoughts that humans participate in are purposefully limited subsets of larger structures it follows that as humans perceive larger versions of these structures of thoughts the experience of the material world centeredness will begin to dissolve. The resultant blending of material world official versions of thought wholeness and versions of the same thought that is outside of the accepted material world experience will place stress on an individual who needs to reconcile and integrate. As long as the individual remains staunchly material world centered that person will begin to shear as the apparent schism of definition of thoughts becomes the usual experience. A person can only really survive intact by shifting allegiance to a position where he or she no longer believes they are the center and source of the thought and resulting experience. Once a person shifts their center of consciousness the completeness and unity of thoughts become apparent and the individual no longer needs to defend and justify thought's energy.

Once one sees thoughts as externally sourced and impersonal then a redefinition of self is automatic. If you are not what you think, and by logic, what you say and do from those thoughts, then what are you? Are you simply an automated thought receiver and programmed reactor? The real answer lies in the apparent location of your point of view, and from that, the breath of experience of energetic thought. As long as the center of viewpoint was highly rarefied and focused on highly limited terms of world interaction you had zero hope of understanding the interconnectedness of reality and the absolute sameness of the highest levels of human consciousness viewpoint. This means that people needed to refuse to see the high commonality in order to experience very differentiated experiences contained in packets of personality and race types. None of these prejudiced separations absolutely exist as reality but they are all too apparent in human truth. At some level of conscious experience there are no differences. There is in fact a great unity. In the highly limited experience we live in, difference is the fascination and the name of the game.

Thought form strings and language are a function of limited perception. In actuality, it is as though the thought form string is a way to serially focus on slices of thought reality. Using them you create a sort of reality compatible with temporal and material human cultural expectations. As one experiences greater wholeness of thought energy, words and language can not reflect adequately. In fact, at some point, thinking and talking becomes useless in interaction of consciousness. At that point the centeredness of interaction within the boundaries of the material world make no sense. For a human consciousness that can operate with such wholeness to interact with a being that is material world center focused that consciousness would need to put on a mask and emulate the limited expression in order to be understood at all. Real complete understanding is impossible as a complete transfer of energetic expression would violate and overwhelm the limited receiver. This loss of control of ones world results in great fear and confusion. The reality that was desired to be shared would be completely masked by the emotions. Whatever remnants that might stick would be considered aberrations and a nightmare experience. If by chance the receiver were to overcome their apprehension and fall in love with the expansion, they would be unable to integrate with the world they live in and would become outcast or insane from the world's common view.

Thought form strings are the source of language. Differences in language reflect differences in what are taken from complete thoughts. When everyone can perceive complete thoughts, time will cease to matter. Thought form strings will continue only for those who choose to remain in a temporal world and use the tools of language.

— Bob Swezey, California